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Overcoming Emetophobia...and so much more!

5.0 rating
January 2, 2020

Exactly a year ago, on New Year’s Eve 2019, I found Jamie through Google and sent him an email, it was full of emotion and despair. Having suffered with emetophobia for 20 years, since I was about 10, I had hit a new low. My three year old daughter had been sick during the night on two consecutive nights and I wasn’t able to be in the same room as her. My husband took care of her while I sat tears flowing down my face in my bedroom, I felt like an awful mother and realised something had to change. A few hours after I sent that email I had a chat with Jamie to discuss the Thrive programme, I don’t think I listened to a word. I knew that having had no success with traditional counselling, hypnotherapy or burying my head in the sand, I needed to give it a go. I didn’t expect it to work, emetophobia controlled my life and I couldn’t see a way out.
There is no doubt that Thrive takes dedication, but I am still in awe at the achievements I have made this year. Emetophobia no longer controls my life. If my daughter feels sick then I am able to comfort her. I enjoy life experiences that have for years been ruled out because I couldn’t bear the thought that someone might be sick. Not only has Thrive helped me, and continues to help me, with Emetophobia but it has also opened my eyes to a number of different areas of my life that were in need of a bit of nurturing.
As I go into 2020 I have a tear in my eye but that’s because I am so happy and proud of the progress I’ve made. I see myself as a much stronger, more confident person with a a clear direction. My family laugh because I regularly say “everyone needs a Jamie”, but it’s not a joke, I really cannot believe the difference made to my life and I will be forever grateful.

Charlotte Couchman

I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough

5.0 rating
June 17, 2019

I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough to anyone suffering from work related anxiety, particularly those in high pressured roles. Within four or five sessions (all conducted via FaceTime), I noticed a material difference in the way I thought about, and handled, work-related concerns. Prior to meeting Jamie, I found myself dwelling on potential problems, magnifying them in my own mind and then pre-occupied with the potential worst case outcomes. My pre-occupation with disaster forecasting, and a failure to recognise my own ability to cope with any given outcome, led to unmanageable levels of anxiety, sleepless nights and an ever present sense of panic.
Jamie has been directly responsible for improving my ability to manage the issues above and, to a large extent, overcoming them. He was happy to tackle, head-on, the specific issues that were worrying me at any given time. He has changed the way I view scenarios which would, previously, have induced a sense of fear with the result that I now have a much better sense of perspective and have overcome my pre-occupation with worst case scenarios.
Jamie is a remarkable individual and a highly talented counsellor – he is intelligent, insightful and practical in the advice he gives. I would strongly recommend anyone suffering from anxiety to get in touch with him. He has made a very significant difference to my overall quality of life and I am extremely grateful for his help.


Beating Chronic Anxiety

5.0 rating
July 23, 2018

I came to Jamie because I was becoming frightened of life – I had found my ‘tipping point’ (as Jamie referred to it) with a health issue that I began to really worry about. I didn’t realise it at the time but my constant worrying was turning into anxiety and I needed help. Jamie was extremely patient, very encouraging and always there when I needed him. My self-esteem and confidence are now reaching new heights. There were lots of laughs along the way too as Jamie is very easy to talk to and has a great sense of humour! Thank you Jamie.


Overcoming anxiety and apathy

5.0 rating
July 10, 2018

Having struggled extensively to find a foothold in life over a period of two years in which I failed to hold multiple jobs, I was told about Thrive. I picked a name at random from the Thrive list and I was unbelievably lucky for that to be Jamie. His approach was different to anything I’d ever seen yet it made so much sense on a fundamental level. Having changed into a far happier and vibrant being, I myself have recommended Jamie to several close family and friends. I’d actively urge anyone with anxiety or depression to contact Jamie, they would never regret it.


Overcoming Emetophobia - a parent's WhatsApp message

5.0 rating
June 9, 2018

The Following is a WhatsApp message from a client who gave me permission to share it in the reviews. I have protected his son’s name for privacy purposes:
“Hi Jamie – how are you? We wanted to give you an update on N—-’s situation. We are soooooo pleased with his progress!!! He is a different N—-. In the past when we took him to do gymnastics, he could not go in the gym unless he could see me or Yasmina through the glass for the whole session. As you probably remember, he often asked his teacher to leave the room to see if he had that control. Now it’s all very different. I drop him outside the gym and he goes in no problem. He knows we are not there and it is not at all an issue!!!!! That’s really amazing progress. Even when we went skiing, he was able to stay with the instructor the whole day. The only thing that still affects him is if thinks someone will actually vomit beside him. Even in that case, he composes himself fairly quickly. We are so proud of him. He is completely a new N—. Even during the day… he smiles, he is confident… he basically told me … if I worry I just tell my brain “not now” … and he is capable of pushing the bad thought away. I just wanted to give you this update. All the best, Fabio”