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Thrive: the Gold Standard In therapy

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If you are serious about beating depression,
anxiety or emetophobia, you need to do Thrive.

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December 31, 2017

I am so happy that I found Jamie’s website and contacted him. I had seven Thrive sessions with Jamie. Before the sessions, I was feeling very low, lacking in confidence and self esteem. I didn’t have any confidence in the way I handled my business and personal relations and I never believed in my own decisions. I often felt like all the choices I was making in my life were wrong and I spent a lot of time brooding about why I was a “failure”. I got to the point where I was thinking what is the point of living? Basically I was depressed. But after the thrive sessions with Jamie I felt so much better – positive, happy, confident, able to speak my mind. My self esteem has gone up. He made me realise how to value myself and find the real objective of my life. I have changed into a far more positive person. Now I know that I have the personal power to handle any situation and to live a very happy life. I strongly recommend Jamie to anyone who feels like they are living under a cloud and would like to change their life positively


Free From Emetophobia

December 31, 2017

Before contacting Jamie, I’d suffered from emetophobia for 10 years. It was, no exaggeration, slowly ruining my life. I didn’t want to go out anywhere because of it. I was terrified of going to parties or going out for a meal or even getting on the tube for fear that I was going to be sick. Three years ago, after seeing a doctor and making no headway, I made the decision to go see a therapist about it. But they spent more time listening to me than offering any real solutions. I realised I wasn’t feeling any better and I l began to lose confidence I was ever not going to be scared by going out. But someone I knew recommended Jamie and I decided to contact him. Jamie helped me understand how I was causing the fear – which no one had ever explained to me before. Then he explained that when I changed my thinking about myself I would recover. It took a bit of time at first to start to believe I could ever not be terrified. And there were a few blips in my confidence along the way. But Jamie had absolute belief in me and I think that really helped me. After a while, I found I could travel on the tube without panicking. I started going out for meals with friends and not fretting if the food was cooked properly. Then one day at work, the penny dropped that I wasn’t afraid of being sick any more. Now I never think about being sick when I go out. On one occasion recently I didn’t even feel any panic when a friend who was staying over at my house was taken ill. Quite a turn around! So if you have emetophobia and want to get over it, I would really recommend working with Jamie.

Sandra Fernando


December 30, 2017

Very good.

Brian c