Thrive: Prices and Comparisons

Q. What is the difference between the Thrive programme and Therapy costing £50 a session?
A. £750.
Q. What is the difference between Thrive and The Landmark Forum?
A. £650.
Thrive costs 16 times more than one therapy session and more than 5 times the price of the Landmark Forum.
You could get 6 therapy sessions for £300 AND attend the Landmark Forum AND still save £350. So why does Thrive cost more?
It is like comparing:
a £200 bicycle with a £3200 Cervélo (1:16 price ratio) – both are transportation.
a £20 notebook with a £320 Ipad (1:16 price ratio) – both keep records.
Your choice boils down to how important the product/service is to you.
How much do you want to invest in feeling 100%? How much do you want to be able to manage what is going on in your head?
Another quick Comparison:
Q. What is the average number of sessions it takes a client to complete the Thrive Programme?
A. 6. Total price: £800. And the sessions are one-to-one, you are never in a group.
Q. What if you need 8 Thrive sessions?
A: Then you have 8. And the total price stays the same: £800.
Q. What is the average number of sessions a traditional therapist will recommend their client takes?
A. 20 – 50. Btw: 20-50 sessions of therapy will cost between £1000 to £2500 – if you get a therapist who only charges £50 an hour. Most nowadays charge more.
And while you may come away from therapy knowing a lot more about yourself, you might not come away feeling any happier with life. So what’s the point?
If you have depression, emetophobia, social anxiety or an addiction, you want to overcome it permanently. Because Thrive deals with these problems permanently, it actually represents extraordinary value for money compared to other treatments. That’s probably why, as word gets out, more and more people want to do Thrive.