My specialism is helping my clients conquer depression and anxiety and teaching them how to live fulfilling lives.

Depression and high social anxiety are two paralysing mind-sets that I relate too. I suffered with both before doing Thrive.

Each person’s path out of their personal darkness is never exactly the same, but there are certain techniques and approaches that are a constant for everyone:

  • Understanding and managing your belief systems.
  • Being prepared to question your assumptions.
  • Giving yourself permission to let yourself be who you want to be.

These are simple concepts that you need to translate into rock-solid habits. I learned how to do this from Thrive, and that is what I now pass on to my clients.

You are not to blame for your phobia or your mental compression. There is nothing “wrong” with you that time with another skilled and compassionate human being cannot quickly overcome.

Turning around depression or a phobia is simple. It just takes a short while and some persistent effort to crack it. And if I can do it, you can too.